Tuesday, July 05, 2005

What do you need in a blog?

My friends,

We have too much information in our lives...I don't want to create anything here that is just 'one more thing' to read or ponder.

What is needed in terms of an(other) Orthodox blog, if anything? Can this be of service to any of us?

Please advise your servant in Christ,

Priest John+


Jim N. said...

Father Bless!

There are those who think that the internet is not the place to learn about Orthodoxy. The more I learn about the faith, the more I agree. :) However, it might be that here in the west we converts place theology in a vacuum, bereft of praxis.

Perhaps a blog from someone in a position to teach could somehow provide praxis. How can we as American converts move beyond merely intellectual knowledge and opinion.

How to do that without the normal, accompanying personal relationship a spiritual father/mother develops with the spiritual child would then be the question.


servant of God James.

Mimi said...

Father, bless,

I am very much enjoying your blog and don't think that you need to tweak it at all.

If however, you are looking for suggestions, I agree a bit with Jim, the "hows" are often what I end up pondering.

And, posts like your excellent one on Confession a few posts down are indeed helpful.

Philippa said...

Father bless,

Thank you for starting this blog. I've already found it helpful, especially the post about confession and the one about "vesting prayers."

I find the intellectual pursuits exhausting, personally. Especially those that are theological in nature that pit RCism against Orthodoxy. I am more interested in learning "how" to live the Orthodox life and hearing more than just "do it." How do I incorporate Orthodoxy into my life in such a manner that is the breath I breathe. Do you know what I mean? I want my mind to be ever present in God's company. How does that happen? Not by osmosis I am sure.

Perhaps pieces of St. John of Ladder posted with your thoughts on what they mean and how to work on the piece you cite.

Those are my few humble thoughts. I hope you don't mind but I've linked your blog on my blog roll.

Haindmaiden of God Athanasia

erudit said...

Father bless,

I agree with the others about the "praxis." When I was living far away from a local congregation, it gave me a chance to see how Orthodoxy is lived out. I also enjoy hearing about what's happening in other parishes and other jurisdictions.

The blogs I enjoy most also put me in touch with resources, news stories, and the sort of instruction that can be put in small, readable doses. It's a personal network.

I look forward to visiting here often! Gina